BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2012


The 6th edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online is organized by Metropoli – Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence and Fondazione Sistema Toscana, with the scientific and artistic contribution of BTO Educational.


Gaia [Binazzi]
BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013
+39 055 2671637
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Some contact info:

Giancarlo Carniani
Scientific and Artistic Director
BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013
+39 346 6288587
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Skype giancarlocarniani

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Laura Innocenti
Logistics and commercial aspects
BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013
+39 335 8334535
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Francesca Chiocci
Fondazione Sistema Toscana
Project Manager
+39 055 2719012
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Giacinto Bosco
Project Manager
+39 055 267141
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Roberta Milano
Co-Founder BTO Educational
Scientific Program
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Robert Piattelli
Co-founder BTO Educational
+ 39 342 6401319
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Press office:

Fondazione Sistema Toscana
Mariangela Della Monica
+39 334 6606721
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