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Syusy Blady

Television host and cabaret performer

Syusy Blady, pseudonym of Maurizia Giusti, is an Italian television host and cabaret performer.
She obtained her degree in Pedagogy at the Università di Bologna, and began her theatrical activities when very young with the group Giochiamo davvero.

She debuted in the ‘80’s in the role of writer and leading actress in Granpavese varietà and afterwards went to work at RAI in I Mixserabili and, precisely, Granpaese varietà; she has also participated in successful programs such as Drive In and La tv delle ragazze.

In 1993 Syusy brought a non-professional video camera with her on a trip to India she made with Patrizio Roversi; from this experience the program Turisti per caso was born, which has had her traveling all over the world. The episodes were aired during prime time on RAI 2 and then on RAI 3.

In 2004 the pair created a spin-off of the program entitled Velisti per caso, set on a sailboat, while in 2005 Syusy was the host of Misteri per caso, in which she recounted the mysteries she discovered over the years while visiting the world with her famous television show.

In addition, she hosts the program In viaggio con Darwin together with Patrizio Roversi on Sky Uno, the program I popoli del mare on Yacht & Sail (Sky) and the travel show Slow Tour, on Rete Quattro.

As a director, she has also made the short film Ciccio colonna, presented at the Genoa Film Festival and at the first edition of the Ischia Film Festival in 2003, which was noted by critics.

In 2008 she published her first novel: Tango inesorabile and three years later, the book Misteri per caso.

Syusy Blady
Conduttrice televisiva e cabarettista

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