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Wilma Vanni

Italy Sales Manager ReviewPro

Wilma began her career as a consultant for the company Ayala Viaggi.
She has practically always worked in the tourism area of the marketing sector for companies such as Nefer Travel, Sunset Travel, Travelbag, ATPI and Enormo Property.

From 2009, for two years, she worked for Acer, before becoming a part of the ReviewPro team in November 2011. ReviewPro is a web platform that allows hotels to unify, organize and manage their reputation and online presence in the main social media sites in an efficient manner. ReviewPro is a tool devised for the needs of single hotel operators, chains with numerous locations, and asset managers.

Wilma has lived abroad for 10 years but always remains tied to Italy.

Her favorite saying? “There is no problem without a solution”.

Wilma Vanni
Italy Sales Manager @ ReviewPro

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