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Yahya Fetchati

Chief Operating Officer Bookassist

Having obtained his degree at the Sorbonne (Université Paris-Sorbonne), Yahya covered the position of Director of the Hotel Partner Marketing department for and European General Director for

In 2007, he began working as the Bookassist business and operations manager. In November 2010 the administrative council of Bookassist named Yahya Director of Operations within the company. He supervises Bookassist operations in Ireland and in its subsidiary companies in Spain, the Czech Republic, France, Austria and Italy and is responsible for the development of Bookassist products.

Bookassist helps hotels understand which are the best online strategies, how to move within the market and how to attract the most possible traffic to their websites. Founded in Dublin in 1999, Bookassist has offices in Dublin, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Vienna and Prague and works directly with more than 2000 hotels all over the world, supplying a vast range of services such as an advanced reservation engine, integration with property management systems (PMS), integration with the main social media outlets, smartphone solutions and online marketing activities.

Yahya Fetchati
Chief Operating Officer @ Bookassist

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