BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2012

Exhibitors 2012

WANT TO PARTICIPATE as an EXHIBITOR in the 6h EDITION of BTO – BUY TOURISM ONLINE on December 3 and 4th, 2013? Being an exhibitor at BTO is a huge opportunity.

The context is not exactly that of a fair, and the exhibitors become an integral part of the offerings to BTO attendees with an expo space as well as an opportunity to contribute to the scientific programme, thanks to product presentations which take place in the Focus Hall sessions.

90% of the exhibits at BTO renew their presence every year and consider Florence an important appointment on their annual calendars for their effective commercial and marketing plans.

This year there are even more solutions for exhibitors to participate, just ask for more information:

Laura Innocenti
BTO – Buy Tourism Online 2013
Logistics and Sales Manager
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ADAADA a buy tourism online

ADA is a free association of eminently professional character, to which hotel directors with common intentions and goals belong. It was founded in Milan in 1955 and has its headquarters in Rome. Hotel directors may join as full-fledged members and those with directive functions, for example vice-directors, sales managers and such, as aspiring members.
Article 2 of the social statute: “the association is of professional character and develops internal and external incumbent social relations, with the scope of improving the peculiar aspects of civil society in general, and the cultural patrimony of the sector, the tradition of hotelier values, scientific and technological progress, and research in particular, carrying out in every possible way whatever agreed-upon action, useful and beneficial to the cultural, professional and civil growth of its associates”.
AirPlusAIRPLUS a buy tourism online

AirPlus International is a global provider of business travel payment solutions for corporations. Many products are offered to support business travel payment, accounting, and analysis functions. Part of the Lufthansa Group, AirPlus International is one of the leading issuer of UATP card for the payments of all the business travel services. Thanks to the global acceptance of its payment solutions, AirPlus International allows companies to pay for all the travel services and for the MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Congress and Events.) expenses.
ALFERA a buy tourism online

Alfera, since 1964. Specialists in products for reception and communication by way of objects for hotel and naval supply.

Many of the objects in Stazione Leopolda are by Alfera, including the sweaters worn by our crews.

AmicoNostroAMICONOSTRO a buy tourism online

Why we are concerned with word of mouth marketing for local businesses? Because word of mouth is the main tool for selling (Nielsen 2012). To date, however, those who sell through word of mouth does not know his “Brand Advocates”, ie customers who, through their advice, are influential on the buying behavior of friends and followers. AmicoNostro, through its web application / mobile, allows each local business to find out which customers are influential and encourages operators to “transform” their customers in new “Brand Advocates” in order to increase the online network of trusted word of mouth.
ArubaARUBA a buy tourism online

Aruba Media Marketing is the business unit of the Aruba S.p.A. group, Internet provider leader in Italy and a presence in many European countries, dedicated to the business of web marketing and online advertising.

We execute the duties of advertising agency and dealer for a great many clients and thematic portals. We have a proprietary network of display advertising,, which currently regroups more than 4,000 sites at the national level, delivering around 500 million monthly views.

We offer the services of:

Visibility in search engines

Pay per click ad campaign management (Google Adwords, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex, etc.)

– Article marketing and link building

Display advertising

– Planning and management of ad campaign banners
Pop-under and site-under ad campaigns (leader in Italy)

– Video advertising campaigns

Direct e-mail marketing

– A database with more than 1,000,000 companies

– A database with more than 7 million private users

New in 2012:

– Distribution of an online “digital brochure” for GDO

– Online digital ad poster

Our division manages thousands of ad campaigns for different company targets, from small businesses to PMI, media centers, GDO, large editorial portals and even international brands.

BasilicataBASILICATA a buy tourism online

The Agenzia di Promozione Territoriale is an instrumental organization of the Regione Basilicata active in the promotion of the region. is a project begun in 2012 aimed at creating an aggregate that positions itself at the center of a more articulated network: an access door to a system that comprises, other than, a blog about events and news, a site on cultural patrimony, 4 foreign sites, 8 mini-sites for online themed vacation booking and profiles of the principal social media and media-sharing sites (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Issue etc…).

The philosophy behind this project is the overcoming of the spasmodic search for “numbers” and statistics on a single site in favor of a wider objective: that which needs to increase is not the virtual visitors of a portal but rather real visitors to Basilicata.

Basilicata—in the eyes of today’s visitors, in travel réportages, in the impressions gathered by the artists, writers, and filmmakers who have known her—is a land frozen in time, that seems to challenge the laws of the gravity of history, a curious mélange of ancient and modern, a kaleidoscope of landscapes and environments, whose character is essentially that of poetry.

Best WesternBEST WESTERN a buy tourism online

BEST WESTERN is the biggest independent hotel group in the world, present in over 80 countries with more than 4,000 hotels for a total 300,000 rooms. In Italy BEST WESTERN has 180 hotels and 12,000 rooms in 120 sites. Hotels are affiliated according to a model allowing every partner to own a share of the company and to participate to the common strategic decisions. All hotels follow specific international standards ensuring a consistent level of quality of the structures and the service, to meet clients’ expectations. The site Best Western Italia is certified by DigiCert.
Information on the affiliation to Best Western Italia are available online.
BlastnessBLASTNESS a buy tourism online

Blastness, founded in 2005, focuses on revenue and growth of product revenue, providing companies in the Hospitality industry with systems, services, training and consulting. Experience in this area and important success case stories are the main strength of the Blastness team.
We currently take care of more than 500 different businesses, from the small Guest House to the Grand Hotel, together with some of the most important Hotel Chains in Italy.

Blastness was born with the mission to be partner for the business development of its customers, and expanded its range of action in a Changing industry landscape.
Thanks to our know-how, we have acquired expertise in various areas, partnering with our clients in the different stages of their development.

BOOKASSIST a buy tourism online
BOOKASSIST BOOKING ENGINE a buy tourism online

Bookassist offers hotels strategic and cutting edge solutions that allow them to receive the most reservations possible, taking maximum advantage of their website’s potential.

Bookassist helps hotels understand which are the best online strategies, how to move in the market, and how to attract the most traffic on their website as possible.
Founded in Dublin in 1999, Bookassist has offices in Dublin, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, and Prague and works directly with more than 2000 hotels throughout the world, supplying a vast range of services, such as an advanced booking engine, integration with property management systems (PMS), integration with the primary social media platforms, solutions for smartphones, and online marketing activity.

ClouditaliaCLOUDITALIA a buy tourism online

Clouditalia is a company that offers integrated services for cloud and telecommunications dedicated to the world of business: enterprises, professionals and public administrations that are ready to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the constant evolution of global market and digital economy.
Our goal is an increase in competitiveness flanked by a cost reduction, to make technology simple and accessible.

The adoption of the cloud model determines a cultural and organizational revolution in the world of enterprises. Now, thanks to this model, they may access applications and services without the need to invest in new software or server systems. They will be able to use the applications required to manage their business via a network and the Web. A reduction in terms of cost and time-waste and an increase in terms of productivity and efficiency are among the objectives of Clouditalia.

Clouditalia has developed a strategy and an offer that addresses these needs and changes, in order to become the point of reference in this evolutionary process that affects all companies. With Clouditalia’s services and solutions, companies can quickly improve their production processes and increase their competitiveness by fitting into these changes in an effective and innovative way.

Connectisweb.comCONNETCTISWES a buy tourism online

Web marketing, SEO, social networks…Experience accrued in more than ten years of collaboration with the principle tourism promotion agencies in Tuscany allows us to work in a fast and efficacious manner on all aspects tied to the promotion of your hospitality enterprise.

Moreover, with our network we can guarantee immediate visibility for your seasonal promotions.

Consorzio LaudemioConsorzio Laudemio a buy tourism online

In the Middle Ages Laudemio was the flower of the harvest, the part destined for the lord’s table.
Today the Laudemio trademark is the ambassador on the tables of connoisseurs all over the world of the great oil producing art of Tuscany and of its masterpieces.
Laudemio began in the mid nineteen eighties, when a team of forward-thinking growers, custodians of some of the noblest olive crus in the region, signed a pioneering pact for excellence in production, well ahead of national and European legislation. This pact, now as before, is based on strict rules and quality control.
History, tradition, genuineness, respect for the territory and the environment are the principles guiding the whole Laudemio production process, from the harmonious management of the olive orchards to the selective harvesting of the fruit at its perfect stage of ripening, from the crushing of the olives to the mixing and rigorously cold extraction, right up to the bottling and careful storage of the oil.
Special control bodies and two very strict tasting committees make the final selection: only the best extra virgin olive oil from the best producers, a perfectly genuine, complete oil, with an extraordinary organoleptic personality will be able to boast the noble and sought-after Laudemio trademark.
This is why every drop of Laudemio is the unique and inimitable expression of the fruit, the place, time and touch of the individual producer who gave it life.
The ideal companion of quality gastronomy, powerful, precious, excellent, naturally rich in intense polyphenols and fragrant aromatic substances, enclosed in a glass casket with an austere and elegant design which highlights its shining reflection, Laudemio is the true quintessence of the fragrances and flavours of the Tuscan hills.
EvolsEvols a buy tourism online

Evols is an Italian company, ISO9001 certified, specialized in software for hospitality and catering industries.
In Evols customers find concrete support to strengthen theirs business and competitiveness, improving the way they work with a significant increase in productivity and saving of time.
The company offers to professionals in the field of hospitality the advantage of finding a complete answer to their technological renewal necessities, always dealing with the same partner. Evols in fact has a wide range of skills, experience and innovative solutions that cover all the needs in the industry of hospitality.
Nuconga: a single, multiproperty platform, integrated and multilingual, for all functional areas of an accommodating structure. It is based on industrial logic and is suitable for hotel companies and independent structures which pay attention to both effective sales promotion and costs control.
Hotel Web: the first PMS based on a Web platform, fully employable in mobile mode, strongly oriented to on-line booking. It is a software for all facilities that require an agile, flexible, innovative and cost-saving device.
Figaro HDT: the solution that allows the update of internet booking portals and the monitoring of pricing policies of competitors in the most rapid, simple and intuitive way on today’s market.
RadiHotel: a music-providing service via web specialized for hotels. It allows to customize the music in every hotel room, enhancing brand recognition in an elegant, simple and non-invasive way.
Evols furthermore provides a complete range of solutions for its customers such as: specialized consulting services, solutions in cloud environment, creation of web sites, solutions for online booking, software for companies in the food service and retail, as well as advanced CRM tools.
Evols’ offers are characterized by a high degree of flexibility that allows the customers to graduate investments over a period of time and to plan and build, with our support, the development of their business.
Evols has been chosen by more than 1,000 customers across the country.
Expedia / / VenereEXPEDIA a buy tourism online
HOTEL.COM a buy tourism online
VENERE a buy tourism
Expedia is society’s leader, on an international scale, in the field of tourism and travel, with a considerable offering of products and services for both business and consumer markets available in the United States and in other countries around the world, through a series of brands, among which are,™, Hotwire®, Classic Custom Vacations®, and Expedia® Corporate Travel.

The key element of Expedia’s success is having chosen a system that allows for the matching of those components of “do-it-yourself” travel that best satisfy the demands of the new generation of tourists, providing them with the best relationship between quality and price.

fabAppsfabApps a buy tourism online

FabApps Florence is a company specifically dedicated to the development of mobile applications.

FabApps offers a complete consultation to companies who want to invest in creating iPhone and iPad applications by way of the management of all business activities, from development to the publication and promotion of applications.

FISHEYES a buy tourism online

Fisheyes Ltd is a web design company specializing in Internet solutions for tourism.

Between Italy and the United Kingdom, there are more than 650 hotels that sell their hospitality services daily by way of Internet platforms created by Fisheyes, which incorporate the reservation system I-Booking, a solution at the avant-garde of technology and easy to manage.

Our company does not limit itself to the creation of websites, but accompanies hotels in the new horizon of communication, web 2.0, and social networks like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter,You Tube.

GeCo a buy tourism online

A team of specialists with 25 years of experience in the hotel sector, with the aim of supplying marketing, business, and operating assistance of high value added to hospitality enterprises, in order to supplement development and maximize profitability.
Our services:

– Revenue Management and IDS Management
Optimized management of electronic distribution channels, revenue management techniques, maximizing of induced visibility
– Promotion and Representation
Sales development by way of traditional and electronic channels with respect to the specific vocations of the enterprise
– Web Identity
Creating sites and the promotion of identity on the web

– Hotel Consulting
Strategic, business and operational consulting, needs analysis, intervention plan preparation with its concrete actualization
– Management Partnering
Support and partnering in hotel management with management contracts and management assistance
– Direct Management
Of hotels and non-hotel hospitality enterprises

GestioneAlbergoGESTIONE ALBERGO a buy tourism online

GestioneAlbergo was born from the integration of various structures that had already been operating in the world of hospitality for decades.

The resources of every company within the group permitted for the development of solutions for integrated management of accommodation facilities.

Our passion, professionalism, and considerable availability for our clients represent our surplus value.

The group supplies and supports a wide range of software services, all developed internally and all indispensable for the integrated management of every type of accommodation facility.

In addition to being the most utilized by Italian hoteliers, all of our solutions, from PMS Leonardo to Booking Engine Fusion, represent a constant point of reference in innovation and efficiency.

The satisfaction of our clients, particularly of the most attentive and exacting ones, is our priority.

GoHastaGOHASTA a buy tourism online

GoHasta is a sturtup founded on March 25, 2012. It’s an innovative e-commerce concept that has revolutionized the definition of sale price for goods or services. The e-commerce site will allow to offer at a real market price your hotel rooms without underestimating or overestimating the price of the products. Thanks to the inside calculation mechanism of the platform, the hotel will optimize its income and the time at disposal of the revenue managers, giving them an automated and customizable price management tool. GoHasta is a tool that optimizes your Hotel, your wellness and your time.
GP Dati
GP Dati a buy tourism online
Hotel Lab a buy tourism online

GP Dati Hotel Service SpA is a leading company in the business of software and services for hotels, with around 1,000 systems currently installed in Italy and Europe.
Headquartered in Venice, GP Dati Hotel Service was founded in 1981, as part of GP Pellegrini Group, with the mission of designing and developing software applications for companies in the hotel industry.
Our team’s experience and the company’s vocation for technological innovation has always enabled us to provide multiple specialized skills, ensuring the highest levels of performance for our clients.

Scrigno – more than just a PMS
Scrigno is a web-based suite designed to provide hotel management with a unique management system for all the strategic areas of a hospitality company. The value of Scrigno lies in its use of just one single, centralized database for all its applications.
The objective is to coherently acquire data from all the transactions made in the operative departments: marketing can profile the customer base, launch focused promotional campaigns and process feedback; sales can maximize profits using all the distribution channels; and administration and control can monitor the business performances with accurate management control.
All this is achieved by exploiting the streamlined, high-performance and secure infrastructure.
Scrigno can be accessed in many ways due to its cloud solution: fully web-based and usable with tablet PCs, it has a modular, scalable structure and, thanks to the hosting formula, guarantees high levels of security in regard to data and privacy. This eliminates the need for investments in hardware, and ensures high performance and a system that is always up-to date.
Developed on an Oracle platform, Scrigno is now available in the ‘software as a service’ formula that permits the use of GP Dati’s advanced software applications as if it were a set of services paid-for on the basis of effective use. – web & consulting division
Thanks to the business unit, GP Dati offers strategic support for consulting and web projects. is skilled in technological solutions and strategies for online sales and digital marketing.
hotel-LAB cutting edge product is the new online booking that innovatively integrates a CMS (content management system) with a booking engine.
Fully integrated through web services it is conceived to maximize conversion rate thanks to a very smooth usability and great user experience:, it allows a more accurate and elegant presentation of the contents, and a customizable layout, coherent with the look & feel of the hotel web site and under its domain name.
The booking engine is also fully integrated into the Scrigno management suite, with the advantage that bookings, availability and rates are managed in real time by the PMS (Property Management System). provides also web site projects, SEO, web & social marketing strategies.

HotelSolutionsHOTEL SOLUTIONS a buy tourism online

Strategic Revenue Management, Web Distribution and Consulting for Hotels.

HotelSolutions, leader in Strategic Revenue Management applied to internet distribution, is the guide that allows the hotel to orient themselves always in tourism and hospitality more and more advanced and competitive.

HotelSolutions puts specific skills resulting from years of experience,at the service of the hotels which manage, to improve the competitiveness of the structure, resulting in an increase in sales, and it operates on the two levers of price and visibility.

HotelSolutions applies the most modern techniques of Yield Management and Dynamic Pricing to say every day to the hotel at what rate it is convenient sell.

Iperbooking / IPER.NET a buy tourism online offers innovative, reliable and easy solutions for the management of online bookings and for Web Marketing. With over 16 years of experience, we are among the leaders in the field of Tourism Studies and are at your disposal, helping you obtain success in the World Wide Web.
MicrosMiCROS a buy tourism online

MICROS Systems, Inc. is the leading provider for enterprise applications for the hospitality and retail industries worldwide.

Over 330,000 MICROS systems are currently installed in table and quick service restaurants, hotels, motels, casinos, leisure and entertainment, and retail operations in more than 180 countries, and on all seven continents.
In addition, MICROS provides property management systems, central reservation and customer information solutions under the brand MICROS-Fidelio for more than 26,000 hotels worldwide, as well as point-of-sale, loss prevention, and cross-channel functionality through its MICROS-Retail division for more than 100,000 retail stores worldwide.
MICROS stock is traded through NASDAQ under the symbol MCRS.

My-CostparMy-Costpar a buy tourism online

INTEGRARE is a service company operating in the information technology and organizational consulting sector with particular attention to the subjects of system integration cost analysis, profitability and performance, and to the revision of company business processes.
NozioNOZIO a buy tourism online

Nozio Business: strategies and tools to improve hotel sales online

  • Ads Hotel: use dedicated professionals to plan a balanced media campaign and immediately take charge of strategically beneficial, visible placement while reserving exclusivity to the biggest international OTAs;
  • Business Consulting: optimize sales revenue with commercial policy that is strategically managed through a selection of distribution channels;
  • Channel Management: professional tools to facilitate implementing strategic and marketing decisions;
  • Selected Affiliation: advantages, value and recognizability of the Nozio brand in direct sales.
NSI – QR PlacesNSI a buy tourism online

QRPlaces project is a web/mobile platform to support “tourist navigation” oriented to new generation mobile devices.
Besides the information functions, QRPlaces enables a social networking between users of the platform, around touristic points of interest.
The platform QRPlaces allow to access, document and make available to the visitor information from various information local containers, federated between them.
Each local container consists of a repository of “places”, each place is described and documented with text, images, sounds and videos. Contents are dinamically offered in different languages depending by the language of the used devices.
The places surveyed are organized into thematic channels and further classified into categories.
The most important channel, that drives the initiative, is cultural / environmental channel. Others complementary information channels are made available in order to support visitors to a complete touristic experience.
The channel characteristic and driving the initiative is that of the cultural/environmental. Other information channels are available with the goal of providing a response to the interest and specific tourist needs.
In addition to the possibility of use of singular places, that can be found in the different information sites, the platform provides the ability to configure the desired visit routes.
The networks which offer information about various Places of Interest, are joint to the circuit information relating to events. Events can be of a cultural or recreational character and can be connected to their location, in both cultural and business contexts.
Parity RateParity Rate a buy tourism online

Parity Rate “Channel Manager” update all your online rates and availability with one click.
Some of the main benefits are: one login, minimise errors, monitors competitors rates, drive online revenue, no software to download and smartphone accessible.

A further product is the “2 Ways Distribution Manager” which completes the range to meet the technological requirements and management of each type of Hotel.

A winning combination based also on a fast and qualified assistance which has led the company to enter forcefully in the Italian market and since 2009 in the overseas market.

PassepartoutPassepartout a buy tourism online

Passepartout, leading company in management software for small-medium enterprises and professionals, for over 20 years has been developing products and providing services always at the forefront of technology and production quality thanks to constant research and continous training. Ho.Re.Ca. line is dedicated to hospitality and catering professional.
Plan Your Trip InPLAN YOUR TRIP IN a buy tourism online

A product by Paesaggio&Sviluppo: Paesaggio&Sviluppo is a spin off company of Florence University that is currently being formed and in an incubation period at Florence University Incubator.
Among our activities there is a destination marketing project on the web aiming at developing a tourist destination through geo-located landscape points of interest.

Core idea: In tourism landscape is generally considered as a panoramic view of high aesthetic and emotional value. For this reason it often stands just as a beautiful surrounding while visiting a territory. However the landscape, according to the European Landscape Convention, can be an important instrument available to tourists interested in discovering environmental, historical, cultural features of a territory. Our project aims at making this potential real placing the landscape at the core of a sustainable tourism development politic which is competitive thanks to the use of advanced technologies and innovative marketing strategies.

The project: The core service of this project is PLAN YOUR TRIP IN…
This service provides all information necessary to organize a trip using a platform which gives an overview of the territory, pointing out the tourist highlights (landscape and culture as well as services) accessible through geolocated points. This service gives the tourist the opportunity to plan his/her trip choosing between suggested or make-your-own itineraries according to his/her interests. The tourist receives not only information about the itinerary but also discounts on the services he/she decides to include in the itinerary by the activities partner of this project.
The service works thanks to an innovative business plan based on the relationship between the tourist, the local business and our company, creating a self sustained virtuous process that produces economic benefits for all actors.
The economic benefits generated by the service, thanks also to its widespread distribution, allows to offer shares through a profitable crowd funding model to public and private bodies as well as local associations who have the opportunity to promote the territory while gaining direct profits.

QNT Hospitality QNT a buy tourism online

Internet solutions for tourism.

QNT Hospitality does not offer the usual “tourism packet” or “magic formula,” but rather offers consultation and personalized services every day by a team of experts in Hotel Marketing, Channel Management, Search Engine Marketing, Web Advertising, programming, development and design; they work with commitment toward always reaching the promised results.
They then work even harder to exceed them.

QualitandoQUALITANDO a buy tourism online

Customer satisfaction in just one click,
Tripadvisor and web communities at your company’s service!

Qualitando is a young and dynamic company specialized in web brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Our main product – – is a system for the automatic collection and management of customer satisfaction data.
Qualitando translates customers points of view in intuitive indices of measurement.
It’s a winning product that converts satisfied customers opinions in excellent reviews on several web communities, primarily TripAdvisor!

The key points of Qualitando:

  • You’ll be able to create one or more questionnaires fully customizable (form and content).
  • Questionnaires are automatically sent to your e-mail address archive or smaller groups of it.
  • Questionnaire results are quickly converted into “easy to use” statistic graphs.
  • You’ll be immediately aware of complaining or unhappy customers (through alert e.mail function). Recovery actions will become faster and more efficient.
  • Qualitando social features will improve and consolidate your web reputation, first of all, through the TripAdvisor function. All positive comments are automatically addressed to online reviews portals and social networks: satisfied customers will become the best sponsor of the company.
  • It’s fast: half an hour for the creation of quality questionnaire and 10 minutes per week for management.
  • It’s economic: the annual cost is lower than printing paper questionnaires and your company can save money for data entry activities: the system processes all automatically.
  • It’s user friendly: no need of software installation, any average web user can use it from first contact while, for those less experienced, a brief training session will be enough.
Regione Siciliana

REGIONE SICILIANA a buy tourism online REGIONE SICILIANA a buy tourism online
REGIONE SICILIANA a buy tourism online REGIONE SICILIANA a buy tourism online

Regione Siciliana will be at the 5th Edition of BTO – Buy Tourism Online with its exhibition space, bringing a selection of operators in tourist accommodation of its territory.
Regione ToscanaRegione Toscana a buy tourism online

When the idea was born to create an application, the TED (Tourism Experience Design) Project was in its beginnings and the main hurdle was supplying users and tour operators the necessary tools for conveying tour packages based on the preferences and needs of the user. The result was the creation of two applications, with a synergy between them, which have guaranteed the user the opportunity to build his own trip, and a support tool for tour operators. The first App, mainly geared toward business-to-consumer, seeks to supply the user with a system capable of showing the characteristics of every experiential category, and able to navigate photos correlating to information about each single locality. The second App is a repository of hpub conceived for gathering really and truly interactive books in one place, with a lot of videos and a photo gallery. Tour operators, but also single users, can download itineraries and preferred destinations from within the App, entering directly in contact with Tuscan accommodation facilities.

The project was initially conceived for the various emerging and important-to-capture markets, such as those of China, Brazil and India, and for consolidated markets in need of innovative and interactive formats such as America.

ReviewProREVIEWPRO a buy tourism online

ReviewPro enables hoteliers to increase guest satisfaction and online revenue by more effectively managing their online reputation and presence in leading social media sites. The company provides the analysis, customer intelligence, competitive benchmarking and reporting needed to help hotel professionals more effectively manage their organization. ReviewPro aggregates hundreds of millions of social media mentions, in 35+ languages, from hundreds of the most relevant Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), review websites and social media platforms. After rapid growth in the European market, the company has expanded internationally and quickly grown its client roster to thousands of hotels in over 70 countries, including Louvre Hotels Group, Meliá Hotels International, The Red Carnation Hotel Collection, The Roger Smith Hotel, CitizenM Hotels, Apex Hotels, Ars Hotels Firenze and Space Hotels.
RevinateREVINATE a buy tourism online

With user generated content and reviews increasing in both number and importance, hotel and restaurant owners and operators have a simple choice: either ignore the cacophony of social media and hope for the best or proactively track and manage what is being said online in a way that deepens customer relationships, strengthens brands and boosts revenue. If you opt for the latter, then Revinate’s user-friendly software platform, custom-designed for the unique needs of the hospitality industry, is an irreplaceable tool.

Revinate’s powerful technology monitors all of the important social media venues – including Twitter, Facebook and TripAdvisor – and provides instant alerts whenever your property or brand is mentioned.
With information comes power: in this case, the power to please a disgruntled customer, monitor the competition and set yourself apart when it comes to guest satisfaction and loyalty. Revinate is venture-backed by leading VC Firms Benchmark Capital and Formation 8.

Based in San Francisco, Revinate counts the world’s leading hospitality brands as clients.
To learn more, please visit

Serenissima InformaticaSERENISSIMA Informatica a buy tourism online

The quality of service and technological innovation are the values that inspire our long presence in the world of Information and Communication Technology.
In the 60’s we introduced in Italy the first international data processing systems, in the 80s we produced our first Italian Hotel Back Office software with Uniform System of Accounts Reporting.
In 2008 we founded Serenissima Informática España and our Hotel Management System was an instant success also in the Spanish hospitality market.
Today we continue to work with the best international partners, to develop the most modern systems and management methods and we are the protagonists of Cloud Computing, Hosting and Mobility.
We continuously invest in human resources and technology, hence we are a certified, flexible, efficient and structured organization.
We have over one hundred professionals and consultants, trained in the business processes of customers, who work every day with them, because the software of the highest quality is not enough.
The success of an information system always depends on the people, on the quality of planning, consulting to management, training and project management.

protel Property Management System
Innovative since its birth: in 1994 protel Property Management System was the first one for Windows ® and designed for the mouse.
Continuous innovation: from 2011 protel for iPad is the first PMS for tablets and with the protel Apps has brought users and customers in the world of mobility.
protel is now the top of the range International PMS for Hotel Chains and individual Hotels and provides innovative and integrated solutions for all key areas of Hospitality.
More than 10,000 installations worldwide, of which 1600 for the management of Hotel Chains in Multy Property Edition mode, available in 20 languages in over 70 countries are the figures of success.

SestanteSESTANTE a buy tourism online

Sestante s.r.l. is an agency specializing in information technology solutions for tourism, guaranteeing quality and professionalism in the development of Booking Engines, websites, SEO’s and web marketing campaigns. The online Business Engine of Sestante provides a packet of solutions and strategies aimed at optimizing the fruition of the client’s website and at allowing for a tangible return on investment.

Design and conception of website graphics for both standard and Mobile versions, the development and management of advanced online booking systems, copywriting services, as well as consultation of web marketing, indexation and placement in search engines. Having a website is not enough, one also needs solutions for communications and for online Social marketing, both of which are fundamental elements for obtaining set results.

TEAMWORK a buy tourism online

Teamwork has been constituted in 1998 by a group of professional people with different qualifications and more than 15 years of expe¬rience on research, advice and training orien¬ted to the sectors of hospitality and catering.
As our name says, we are a team. A team of experts, with different and complementary ca¬pacities, which are operating together in the sector of hospitality at the side of the entre¬preneurs. Through our working with them, we improve, refine and enrich our knowledge and experience, creating a precious and unique fund of capacities and methodologies.
The approach we propose is global: we provi¬de to every costumer the instruments aimed at reaching their prefixed business goals and the success.
The interaction with the costumer is always hi¬ghly personalized, because every person and every company are a world apart. Consequently the relation is personally maintained by the advisors of Teamwork, which have always a precise aim: the knowledge of the costumer and his kind of thinking in order to have the possibility to communicate and interact with major efficacy.
Our activities:
– marketing and management consulting services
– custom-made training
– market research, marketing strategies and feasibility studies
– realization of manuals and articles on hotel management-marketing
– realization of newsletter and updated information on the hospitality world
UmbriaUmbria a buy tourism online

The UmbriaApp project.
Umbria App was born from the branding strategy that the Region of is carrying out. The objective is to eventually have Umbria perceived as a brand in order to draw benefits in economic terms and for industrial, artisanal and quality enogastronomic production.
The second exigency is to position the Umbria brand in dynamic segments of the tourism market by way of the use of new technologies.
These combined elements, together with others of a different character, make up a branding strategy. Regional development, precisely.
The innovation on which the idea is based.
The reference is the new market determined by the diffusion of tablet use. A market in strong expansion by virtue of new products and technologies that are modifying behaviors and structural changes of the contemporary business. Since this year, South Korea does not print any more textbooks but has promised every student a tablet. Because of this the next step is the transformation into digital of publication products, E-books and products that close the circle between portability and desktop consultation.
The UmbriaApp project keeps to the strategic assets on which the projection of images of Umbria are based—shows, culture, events, environment, quality of life for our resident community. To each asset there corresponds one or more Apps to be accessed directly or by way of an App container, a real innovation in designing the “UmbriaApp system”. The Apps have a strong design component, not of graphics, and an evolution of innovative technological character for each single product. All of it developed by companies in our region, made up of young owners who accepted and won a bet on the future of their land.
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Uplink Web Agency Srl is an Italian SME, a leading provider of tools and web services.

From the website to the CRM platform, from SEO to Social Media Marketing with App for mobile devices, all guided by the tenets of Web 2.0.

Uplink is the core business of the tourism industry, which over the years has become a partner of over 500 tourism businesses in Tuscany and beyond, the company also has a natural vocation to provide its services to the SME community in general.

Uplink Web Agency, currently has offices in Milan, Florence and Cecina, and is the official partner of the Tuscany Region for services related to tourism and Web 2.0.

Vertical BookingVertical Booking a buy tourism online

A.E.C. Advertising and Electronic Commerce s.r.l. / VERTICAL BOOKING

A.E.C. (Advertising and Electronic Commerce srl), founded in 1999, is focused on software development for the hospitality industry.
The CRS, Vertical Booking, is currently in operation in more than 1,700 hotels worldwide, the majority of which are 4 and 5 star hotels, in more than 38 countries (from the USA and Argentina to the United Kingdom and France, as well as many countries in Asia).
Vertical Booking software includes many modules that can be also bought separately: Online Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Rate Checker, GDS Connectivity.

Viralmanagement.itVIRALMANAGEMENT a buy tourism online uses the concepts of consultancy and temporary management linking its economic remuneration to the real benefits obtained by customers and works in the interest of tourism, proposing initiatives and products for the revival of Italian tourism. Following this philosophy has designed, the first platform OST (Online Social Travel) on the market and will be available from the beginning of 2013. The online revolution is coming…
VivaFirenzeVIVA FIRENZE a buy tourism online is an innovative portal for hotel reservations No-profit organization that promotes and supports the artistic and cultural heritage of the Florentine territory.

Life Beyond Tourism, is a portal born in 2011 as one of the project promoted by the Fondazione Romualdo del Bianco. It is a portal for hotel reservations located on Florence and it meets the new model of tourist company that offers tourists and travellers, the opportunity to book a hotel in and around the city supporting, at no additional cost, the cultural heritage of Florence: certainly the first important purpose of the tourists and the essential condition for the industrial induced connected thereto.

Within less than a year has signed agreements of cooperation with institutions and organizations that may need revenues for developing projects of preservation and use of cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible. It has more than 200 affiliated facility accommodations which offers beneficial market conditions for cost saving.

The attention to local needs of the area, the dedication of its Vivafirenze team, the expert support for buyers and accommodation companies of single distribution channel meets, in a practical and efficient way, the increasing demand for innovative and sustainable tourist products.

VivochaVIVOCHA a buy tourism online

Vivocha is a multi-channel customer engagement service that provides live real-time interaction tools – Chat, Call Me Now, Click To Talk, Co-browsing and form sharing- that connect businesses and service providers to their target audience. Vivocha comes with a powerful, zero-configuration, analytics suite: you can monitor your visitors & their browsing patterns in realtime, get insights on what your customers are looking for and how to improve your conversion rate. Simple, smart & beautiful: thanks to the super user friendly “Web Foundry”, any business can be up & running with proactive customer engagement in less than five minutes. No tech skills required. Vivocha is totally free for most users. Premium accounts will enjoy a pay-per-interaction model: your success is our success.
WEAPP a buy tourism online

Weapp is an application that offers itself as valid support to the restaurant and hospitality businesses, rendering their offerings more efficacious, more immediate and more intuitive, using the most up-to-date channels (web) and the most innovative devices (touch).
ZEROUNO Informatica ZEROUNO Informatica a buy tourism online

ZEROUNO Informatica was founded in 1996 as a software house specializing in the development, distribution, and support of management systems for the hospitality industry.
It operated immediately with Soluzione HOTEL and Touchbill, two products meant for hotels and restaurants, respectively.

On top of its store of acquired experience, it began, in 2007, the development and distribution of hottimo, a suite of applications dedicated to medium- and large-sized single accommodation facilities, as well as chains.

The insertion of hottimo into the commercial sector coincided with the exponential evolution of the online tourism market.

Intermediation, online booking, and social media marketing have become essential parts of every tour operator.

In recent years, ZEROUNO Informatica knew to combine the solidarity and security of desktop applications with the flexibility and scalability of 2.0 web services.