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Joanna Matloka

New Media Strategist 77Agency

With a degree in International Business & Modern Languages, Joanna has additionally acquired a Master’s in Tourism Management and Marketing at the University of Bournemouth. She concentrated her studies on online marketing in the tourism field; in fact, her research conducted in collaboration with Professor Dimitrios Buhalis was presented during the 2010 Enter conference (an International event related to tourism) of Lugano.

Since 2010, Joanna Matloka has worked for 77Agency of London, starting there with a two-month traineeship. She is specialized in the management of Facebook campaigns for international markets, as well as advertising campaigns on Google. She very much enjoys working in such a dynamic, ever-changing field that always holds new challenges just around the corner.

77Agency is an agency that specializes in supplying solutions that relate to the channels of Google, Facebook, Mobile and Akamai. It was founded in 2003 in London and is comprised of over 100 professionals of 15 nationalities, with offices spread throughout the world. The objective of the agency is to offer their clients marketing solutions that take advantage of the new digital channels to reach their goals, measuring their results and minimizing their investment risks.

Joanna Matloka
New Media Strategist @ 77Agency

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