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Aurkene Alzua

Executive Director CICtourGUNE

In 1999 Aurkene received her Ph.D. in ‘Outdoor Recreation and International Tourism’ at Purdue University (Indiana, United States), writing her thesis on the application of psychosocial models in the tourism, cultural and environmental sectors.

Currently she is the Executive Director of CICtourGUNE, the Cooperative Center for Tourism Research; Aurkene holds, moreover, courses at the Social Sciences Faculty of the University of Deusto and is the coordinator of the European project Master of Arts in Euroculture.

She collaborates directly with public and private organizations and on research projects at the European, Spanish and regional level; her studies are present in scientific journals and in international conferences.

The Doctor’s research revolve around tourism, with three principle interests: the precise measuring of the tourism phenomenon; the implementation of technology in this sector; and finally, the devlopment and integration of research policies and innovation.

Aurkene Alzua
Executive Director @ CICtourGUNE

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