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Fabio Giangrande

Business Director Albatravel

After getting his degree at La Sapienza in Rome, from 1990 to 2002 Fabio worked for Tours Service – a tour operator specializing in niche products and a leader in trips to Patagonia and South America – covering a variety of roles within the company.
For the next 9 years he worked as Sales Director for Sprintours and then moved on to Albatravel in 2011 as Business Director.

Today the Albatravel portal is a European leader in the online booking B2B market, offering more than 90,000 hotels in 165 countries all over the world and a vast package of products for the tourist: transfers, city tours, parks, museums, attractions, shows, travel cards in main cities and also flights, trains, ferries, car rentals, yachts and sailboats, and wine and gastronomy itineraries.

Fabio is a motivated professional with a natural predisposition towards interpersonal relations; he is flexible, a believer in team work and has a strong orientation toward the achievement of goals.

Fabio Giangrande
Business Director @ Albatravel

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