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Kristina Grancaric

Community Manager Yelp Firenze

After completing her degree in Psychology from the University of Florence, Kristina began working at Lyisis s.r.l., a company that offers its clients a series of services to improve the office environment.

She has been the Community Manager of Yelp Firenze for less than a year. Yelp is a web site and app that puts users in contact with the best things to do in the city; users read and write reviews on all sorts of companies and can visit the forum where they can interact with others through posting compliments and private messages.

Kristina is in charge of the Florence site, and the marketing, and organization of Yelp events for users; she writes a weekly newsletter that has a different theme each week. Her main goal is to increase awareness about Yelp, creating a community in the city that is active both on and offline.

Kristina’s Yelp profile shows her varied interests: singing random things, going out all the time, eating, dancing the happy dance, gossip, reading, tea and tisanes, sunshine, looking for crazy things on the web, friends, analyzing, rabbits, travelling and psychology.

Kristina Grancaric
Community Manager @ Yelp Firenze

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