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Arnie Weissmann

Director Travel Weekly

Arnie has been the director of Travel Weekly since 2001, a primary resource for news, research, analyses, and opinions for the community of travelers from the United States.

In the past, he created Weissmann Reports, a very useful service consisting of evaluations of and advice on travel destinations. The idea was born back in 1983, when Arnie found himself touring the world, but without being satisfied with the advice and the information of the travel agencies. The first copy of the Weissmann Reports was printed on October 6, 1986 in Waco, Texas.

In addition to having also been the editor of Star Service (reviews on hotels and cruises) and of the Official Hotel Guide Worldwide, Arnie was a pioneer of the web, creating the first core of content for America Online and developing the content of the web licenses for Apple, Time, Inc, and CNN.

Arnie is frequently quoted in the newspapers, among which are The Wall Street Journal and USA Today; his comments appear on NBC, CNN, BBC and NPR.

He is the only person to be recognized twice by the American Society of Travel Agents as the journalist of the year!

Arnie Weissmann
Director @ Travel Weekly

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