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Dario Vergassola

Comico and singer-songwriter

Born in La Spezia, Dario entered the entertainment world with the show Professione Comico directed by Giorgio Gaber, in which he obtained both the audience prize and that of the critics.

His popularity developed over the years thanks to his comic abilities, very much tied to the double entendre and to the capacity of playfully embarrassing people; in 1997 he was a recurring guest of the Maurizio Costanzo Show and of Mai dire goal! and during this same period, he participated in the program Facciamo Cabaret, of which he was also a co-writer.

Between 1997 and 1998 he was a habitual guest of Quelli che il calcio on RAI Tre, participated in the second series of Dio vede e provvede and in the RAI 2 radio program Radiorisate. In addition, he was given writing and expert roles for television programs such as Crociera on RAI Due.

In 2000, Dario won the audience’s approval with his interviews of numerous television stars during the program Zelig – facciamo cabaret on Italia Uno. In February 2003, together with Federica Panicucci, he put on the RAI Due program Buldozzer, with great success.

His film and TV film experiences are numerous. He has written books (Me la darebbe?) and published albums (Manovale gentiluomo, Lunga vita ai pelandroni).

Dario often calls up, even in his shows, his La Spezia origins, emphasizing his attachment to the local soccer team. His is a rock aficionado and a capable guitarist.

Dario Vergassola
Comic and singer-songwriter

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